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June 2018 - ongoing

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The Problem


The summer after graduating I found myself struggling to be productive.

I decided to do a self-imposed hackathon to come up with a solution.

Wouldn't it be easier if I just liked being productive and disliked being unproductive?

“This leads to the simplest and most obvious answer to the timeless question, why don’t we do things we know we should do? Because we don’t feel like it. Every problem of self-control is not a problem of information or discipline or reason but, rather, of emotion. Self-control is an emotional problem; laziness is an emotional problem; procrastination is an emotional problem … [and] emotional problems can only have emotional solutions.” — Mark Manson

The Process

How can I change feelings?

I'm going into this with a big assumptions, that it is possible to intentionally change your likes and dislikes, through self-reflection.

I can anecdotally validate this assumption. I have a morning exercise that's not terribly fun. But I really enjoy the feeling of being fit. And that feeling has now made the morning exercise necessary because I want that feeling. If you tell youself "I'm terrible at math" enough times you believe it. If you say "I like vegetables" enough times, maybe you'll start to believe it too.



Buidling a chrome extension

The Solution


It's live on the chrome store! Get it here

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